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The Threat Posed by Pacific Storms

The west coast is lucky in that a combination of cold surface water and prevailing winds that point away from the shore make hurricane-level winds extremely unlikely to hit anywhere north of Baja California in Mexico. But that hardly means that there’s no meaning to the term ‘storm damage’ in San Diego or any other west coast location.

Even when hurricane storms don’t reach inland, the amount of wind and rain that do reach land when a hurricane dissipates offshore can deal serious damage to the less-prepared west coast.

Even at “merely” gale force, wind and rain are quite familiar havoc-wreakers across the Pacific side of the country. With broken trees lurching into and through power lines, mudslides frequently shutting down highways, and the occasional tornado (7 in the last decade), storm damage in San Diego can be serious and quite unexpected — a potentially dangerous combination.

Fortunately, there arises someone to meet every need, and in San Diego, the storm damage recovery experts are quite good at their jobs. They might not be needed often, but when the time comes, they break out the heavy machinery and delve into the wreckage, lifting fallen roofs, remove fallen trees, and help with debris removal, so that property owners can begin to restore their properties.

If you’ve had a brush with an angry Mother Nature, don’t hesitate — the longer you wait, the more chances you give water damage and mold to set in and wreak havoc. So call a disaster damage restoration company as soon as possible whenever your property is affected by storms.