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Steps to Take When Facing Water & Flood Damage in San Diego and Yuma, AZ

Facing water damage in San Diego or Yuma, AZ is always a dreadful situation to find yourself in. But when your property sustains water damages, it’s critical that you take immediate action in order to prevent additional damages and minimize losses. When damages do occur, the restoration experts at ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration has some helpful advice for you when dealing with water and flood damage in San Diego and Yuma, AZ and waiting for the experts to arrive onsite.

1) Turn Off The Water
The first thing you want to do when seeing water damage is to turn off your water and shut down the source of water. By preventing additional water from entering your property, you can limit and reduce the overall damages you can sustain.

2) Move Your Valuables
Next item on your list should be to move your valuable belongings away from affected area. You want to move your valuable possessions to a safe and dry location to avoid water penetration and additional losses or damages.

3) Drain the Water
Look for ways to remove water from your property. If possible lead the water to the outside or to a specific floor drain. Otherwise use a mop or any other means to try and remove as much water as possible. The more water you are able to remove the faster the restoration process can take place and the less damages you’ll sustain.

When you’re facing water and flood damages in San Diego or Yuma, AZ, rely on ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration. We specialize in disaster restoration and will have your property back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible. To learn more about water and flood damage repair and restoration, contact our office today.