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Steps To Take After Sustaining Fire Damages in San Diego

In San Diego, fire damage is always looming nearby as it can occur from simple kitchen mistakes such as leaving paper towels too close to the stove or toaster, faulty appliances short circuiting, or even from natural disasters such as a nearby forest or brush fire. Regardless of the cause, a fire within any property will wreak havoc on your property’s structures and any belongings inside. You’ll see that your property will be filled with burn damages, smoke damage, and covered in soot and ash.

When you need fire damage restoration services in San Diego, California, you can always rely on ServiceMaster by All Phase Restoration. We’re specialists in disaster restoration for residential and commercial properties and we’ll do everything possible to restore your property back to normal after sustaining fire damages. Fortunately, after you sustained fire damages in San Diego, our experts have put together some helpful tips on what you should do immediately after experiencing a fire and contacting your local fire department:

Contact Your Insurance
You need to notify your insurance carrier of the situation you are in and begin the process of filing a claim. Not only will your insurance carrier help with expenses, but they may also provide a list of reliable restoration experts to use.

Check Your Important Documents
After a fire, make sure to check on your critical documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, passports, identification cards, and other documents, and ensure that they are safe and free of damages. If any critical documents have been damaged by the fire, begin the renewal or replacement process to acquire new versions, as it can take some time for them to be processed and created.

Aerate Your Property
After any fire there will be lingering smoke, dust, ash, and odors, in the air. Ventilate and aerate your property by opening all of your doors and windows so that the air can circulate and remove some of these items from your property. This will also create a better and safer working environment for the restoration professionals as odors and dust can be reduced.

Record the Damages
Remember to take notes and record all of the damages that have been sustained. Take inventory of all the damaged items, and if possible, take pictures and try to recover any receipts. The more details you can provide to your insurance carrier, the more they can help you.

Move Items to a Safe Place
After a fire, remove any non-damaged items from the affected area. If possible, leave sturdier items outside and and store more delicate items in storage or in another safe location. By acting swiftly, you’ll avoid having smoke residue and soot build up on your items that can cause additional damages or discoloration.

For more information regarding San Diego fire damage or if you’d like to start a San Diego fire damage restoration service, please contact ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration. We’ll restore and repair your property back to normal in a timely fashion.