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Mold Remediation Services

mold damageMold spores are everywhere but only become a real issue when they are able to settle in a wet or damp environment. For most cases of mold, the source is primarily caused by water damage or a water leak that has often gone unnoticed. In order to create the perfect environment for mold growth, all that is required is high levels of moisture, humidity, and a dark environment void of sunlight, and organic matter. When it comes to organic matter, there are several building materials which mold can feast on, such as cellulose, which is commonly found in wood, drywall, and insulation.

In order to eliminate mold from your property, it must be removed and cleaned using the appropriate processes. Simply wiping off mold with an all-purpose spray cleaner is not sufficient and will only disturb the mold growth causing it to release additional spores into the air, causing other areas of your property to be infested. To eliminate mold from your property and to ensure a safe environment, rely on the local mold removal experts at ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration. We specialize in disaster restoration, and when you have mold, our technicians will contain and eradicate any infestation you have.

Take caution and know that mold is a health threat and exposure can be detrimental to your health. When exposed to mold for an extended length of time, it can result in health complications for children, adults, the elderly, and pets.

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