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Mitigating Fire Damage in San Diego

Fires are always a stressful situation to find yourself in. Depending on the size of the fire, you may only have a portion of your property burned or in worst-case scenarios; your entire property has been engulfed in flames. Valuables are deemed as losses, structures of your property are completely ruined, and you may temporarily be out of a home or business.

But in the event of a fire, property owners and managers must understand that you can still sustain additional damages even though a fire has been extinguished. Secondary damages caused by water, smoke, and soot can render several items as complete losses. The experts at ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration have compiled some helpful information you can use when facing fire damages and waiting for the experts to arrive.

Accept the Losses
Understand that in a fire there will be items that are damaged beyond repair. Instead of dwelling on the loss of valuables, realize that it’s sometimes best to accept the fact that some things are irreparable and deemed as complete losses and move forward.

A high priority in any fire damage repair task is to ensure that the property is well ventilated. As this will help eliminate smoke, reduce odors, and help any dust or soot in the air to settle. Ventilate your property by opening all the windows and doors of your property, and if possible and safe utilize fans to help increase airflow.

Vacuum Fabric Materials
After a fire, furniture will often attract plenty of settling soot and dust. To remove soot and dust from furniture without compounding the residue into the fibers, use a vacuum without the use of a brush or an attachment. Otherwise, if you come into contact with the soot, you’ll press the soot into fabrics, causing the residue to become trapped and permanently discolor your furniture.

Cleaning Soot
When soot falls upon non-porous surfaces such as a glass surface, it can be easily cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner. But when soot falls upon a porous surface such as wood, it can become extremely difficult to clean as soot particles can become trapped in the tiny crevices and holes in the wood surface. To clean porous surfaces you need a chemical sponge, a grease cutting cleaning agent, and patience, to thoroughly remove the soot.

Repaint Surfaces
Often times in a fire, paint can absorb and emit heavy smoke odors. To help reduce and lessen smoke odors that are emitted throughout your property, strip the paint from surface and apply a fresh, new coat of paint. This can also be applied to hardwood flooring, if your floors are emitting smoky odors, strip your floors and apply a new coat of varnish.

When you need fire damage restoration in San Diego, California, contact the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration. We provide San Diego with excellent fire damage repair services. With our restoration experts and high quality services, we’ll be able to repair and restore your property back to its rightful condition. For more information contact our office today to learn more about our San Diego fire damage repair services.