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How to Keep Valuables Safe in a Fire

The Yuma, AZ fire department is excellent when responding to blazes that break out and does a fabulous job of containing and putting out these fires. Unfortunately fires will leave behind devastation and damages, which fire departments can’t do much about. Fortunately for residents and business owners in Yuma, AZ, ServiceMaster by All Phase Restoration has a team of high-quality ServiceMaster restoration specialists, who are equipped to restore damaged property and possessions from fires, to look like new.

Their job is simple to describe, they remove smoke, soot, and other secondary fire damage from your valuables. Every kind of material has its own procedures and its own complications regarding fire restoration. The one thing that’s true for any valuable is that if you can keep it safe throughout the fire, any minimal burn or smoke damages will be much easier to restore.

The Best Option
The best way to keep your valuables safe in a fire is to not keep them at home in the first place. Put your critical documents and any valuable or priceless family heirlooms in a safety deposit box. Back up computer data on a digital cloud storage system or on flash drives that are stored in a safe location. If you have the means, create an emergency savings account, as you can never be too prepared if you ever encounter a disaster.

The Best At-Home Option
The number one option you can invest in to keep things safe in a fire is afireproof safe. Critical documents, heirloom jewelry, non-disclosure-protected data, and other things that are immensely valuable, or irreplaceable, should be kept in a place that protects them not only from fire, but from theft and flooding as well. A high-quality water/fireproof safe can do all of these and provide a sense of security for some of the most valuable items in your life.

If It’s Too Late
If there’s already a fire in your home and you don’t have a fire proof safe to place your valuables in, simply let these items go. There is nothing more important than the safety of your life. Leave the job to the fire restoration specialists at ServiceMaster by All Phase Restoration, we’ll try to salvage and restore any belongings or documents they come across. When residents and businesses of Yuma, AZ, find themselves in need of restoration services, we’ll be just one phone call away.