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5 Tips to Prevent Mold in San Diego

Moisture is the primary cause of mold. If you keep your home dry, then mold won’t be able to settle on any surfaces or materials, eliminating the need to call for professional assistance. With the ocean nearby and the seawater in the air, you’ll almost certainly gain from engaging in these 5 simple activities to help prevent mold:

Use Dehumidifiers
Whether it’s one big dehumidifier unit attached to your HVAC unit or you use several smaller dehumidifiers around your home, low-moisture air evaporates standing water more quickly than damp air. That means that your dehumidifiers are working to keep water and moisture at bay.

Make Sure Your Home Is Weather-Sealed
At least once a year, have an expert inspect the weather sealing on your doors, windows, and any other place where water might get inside from the outside. If they find any cracks, seal them up tight.

Inspect the Low-Traffic Areas
Similarly, once each year, have someone skilled in inspection go through and double-check your low-traffic areas (attic, basement, etc.) for signs of mold infestation. These are the areas where mold sets up a ‘staging area’ from which to attack the rest of the house.

Keep Your Fans Working
There’s a reason there’s a fan in almost every bathroom and it’s not to remove smells, it’s there to remove humidity and moisture when a person showers or bathes, otherwise that moisture buildup on walls is a clear invitation for mold growth. Kitchen fans over your stove are the same way. They’re not there to just eliminate odors,their primary purpose is to extract the moisture and steam from settling on your walls and nearby cabinets

Watch Your Plumbing
The last major place moisture often creeps in from are tiny leaks in the pipes. It’s smart to call in a professional plumber at least once a year and have them inspect your pipes and check their pressure to see if there are any indications of a leak inside your walls.

It’s important to know the causes of mold as it can help you prevent it. If you happen to come across mold in your office or home, call the San Diego mold remediation experts at ServiceMaster All Phase Restoration for mold remediation services that will leave your property mold-free.